when did the word sorry originate

English word Sorry, it is one of the most widely used and words in the world today. If something goes wrong with you and your face hurts people, and at that point, if you say sorry to him and, The afflicted person in front also becomes more affected by speaking only this small word (sorry). and that person will forgive you too.

But nowadays it has started to be used more and its meanings have also changed.

Today, people speak such words to avoid them after deliberately beating, killing, molesting, torturing, pushing, disputing comments, or even after many other such incidents and escapes. But have you ever noticed that the person who said sorry after that incident, after that he has overcome such incidents or does not repeat such incidents again?

Your answer will be no. Then why do people say such words? Does he not know its meaning or its importance, or do it deliberately to leave his mark on others. So let us tell you today its meaning and meaning.

The term sorry word came into vogue throughout the world in the 20th century. It began in Australia on 26 May 1998 when Australian Prime Minister John Howard was answering questions from an MP while addressing his parliament when a sorry word suddenly came out of his mouth while apologizing for a mistake. This is how the word sorry originated.

That is, the word sorry was meant to apologize for his mistakes in politics. Mr. John Howard explained the meaning and meaning of the word sorry, saying that after realizing a mistake you have made inadvertently, you can say sorry and apologize to everyone. As soon as I feel that I have made this mistake, it can be rectified as soon as possible, then say sorry. It means that if a person makes a mistake, which he does not know, then he can say sorry. Mistakes can be rectified. Only after this did the use of this word spread throughout the world.

In today’s run-of-the-mill life, every person is in a hurry and has been trying to get ahead of others. Not knowing during this time, he must have pushed many times, hurt him, but each time he goes ahead by calling him sorry and ignoring his mistakes.

After similar incidents in Australia, the Parliament of the country announced to celebrate National Sorry Day on 26 May 2008.

Today, we also need to do something so that the whole people understand the meaning and meaning of this word, think once before saying sorry, and use such words at least in your life.

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